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Chapter 29. dCache Default Port Values

You can use the command dcache ports to get the list of ports used by dCache.

Port numberDescriptionComponent
32768 and 32768is used by the NFS layer within dCache which is based upon rpc. This service is essential for rpc.NFS
1939 and 33808is used by portmapper which is also involved in the rpc dependencies of dCache.portmap
34075is for postmaster listening to requests for the PostgreSQL database for dCache database functionality.Outbound for SRM, PnfsDomain, dCacheDomain and doors; inbound for PostgreSQL server.
33823is used for internal dCache communication.By default: outbound for all components, inbound for dCache domain.
8443is the SRM port. See Chapter 13, dCache Storage Resource Manager Inbound for SRM
2288is used by the web interface to dCache.Inbound for httpdDomain
22223 is used for the dCache admin interface. See the section called “The Admin Interface”Inbound for adminDomain
22125is used for the dCache dCap protocol.Inbound for dCap door
22128is used for the dCache GSIdCap .Inbound for GSIdCap door