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Part IV. Reference

Table of Contents

27. dCache Clients
The SRM Client Suite
srmcp — Copy a file from or to an SRM or between two SRMs.
srmstage — Request staging of a file.
dccp — Copy a file from or to a dCache server.
28. dCache Cell Commands
Common Cell Commands
pin — Adds a comment to the pinboard.
info — Print info about the cell.
dump pinboard — Dump the full pinboard of the cell to a file.
show pinboard — Print a part of the pinboard of the cell to STDOUT.
PnfsManager Commands
pnfsidof — Print the pnfs id of a file given by its global path.
flags remove — Remove a flag from a file.
flags ls — List the flags of a file.
flags set — Set a flag for a file.
metadataof — Print the meta-data of a file.
pathfinder — Print the global or local path of a file from its PNFS id.
set meta — Set the meta-data of a file.
storageinfoof — Print the storage info of a file.
cacheinfoof — Print the cache info of a file.
Pool Commands
rep ls — List the files currently in the repository of the pool.
st set max active — Set the maximum number of active store transfers.
rh set max active — Set the maximum number of active restore transfers.
mover set max active — Set the maximum number of active client transfers.
mover set max active -queue=p2p — Set the maximum number of active pool-to-pool server transfers.
pp set max active — Set the value used for scaling the performance cost of pool-to-pool client transfers analogous to the other set max active-commands.
set gap — Set the gap parameter - the size of free space below which it will be assumed that the pool is full within the cost calculations.
set breakeven — Set the breakeven parameter - used within the cost calculations.
mover ls — List the active and waiting client transfer requests.
migration cache — Caches replicas on other pools.
migration cancel — Cancels a migration job
migration clear — Removes completed migration jobs.
migration concurrency — Adjusts the concurrency of a job.
migration copy — Copies files to other pools.
migration info — Shows detailed information about a migration job.
migration ls — Lists all migration jobs.
migration move — Moves replicas to other pools.
migration suspend — Suspends a migration job.
migration resume — Resumes a suspended migration job.
PoolManager Commands
rc ls — List the requests currently handled by the PoolManager
cm ls — List information about the pools in the cost module cache.
set pool decision — Set the factors for the calculation of the total costs of the pools.
29. dCache Default Port Values
30. Glossary