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Talks and hands on material presented at the second dCache support workshop in Cologne, April 29/30 2008

About 30 participants have been present during the 2 * 1/2 days, mostly from Germany but as well from Italy and from CERN.
The workshop was orginized by the d-grid SuGI project, the University of Cologne and dCache.org(DESY).

Speakers and contributors
  • Flavia Donno, CERN
  • Patrick Fuhrmann, DESY
  • Tigran Mkrtchyan, DESY
  • Martin Radicke, DESY
  • Owen Synge, DESY
and many thanks to Victor Achter, Volker Winkelmann and Marc Seifert for Power, Wireless and Cookies.

Presentations :

Author/Presenter Title Material
Flavia SRM 2.2 and the LHC experiments. Talk
Patrick Basic ideas of SRM 2.2 Talk
Patrick SRM 2.2 in dCache Talk
Tigran FTP and SRM transfer modes and firewalls. Talk

"Hands on" Material :
Please get yourself a copy of Martins dCache To Go VM and try the "hands on" sessions below.
Author/Presenter Title Material
Owen SRM 2.2 and dCache configuration basics talk handout
Martin SRM 2.2 Space Tokens and implicit Space Reservation talk handout
Patrick Fuhrmann, May 7, 2008
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