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The 7th International dCache Workshop

Berlin/Wilhelminenhof - May 27-29, 2013

HTW Berlin/DOM publishers
HTW Berlin/Alexander Rentsch

The 7th International dCache workshop is an event in a series of workshops, meant to build and maintain an active dCache community and to strengthen the relationship between dCache system administrators and dCache developers. Developers will present their lastest work as well as work planned for the near future and system adminstrators will be given the chance to report on non standard setups they have built with dCache technology.

This years workshop is organized by the dCache German support group, together with kind assistance of the "Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) Berlin - University of Applied Sciences".
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Workshop Program

MONDAY MAY 27 2013

dCache Hands-ons

Title Speaker Type
Basic dCache Installation Christian Hands-on
Preliminary Information

Contributers & Developers Hands-on

Gerd Hands-on

TUESDAY MAY 28 2013 to Wednesday MAY 29 2013

Title Speaker Type
Welcome and Introduction

Patrick Presentation

Al Presentation
xrootd Federation

Karsten Presentation
ACLs and NFS

Tigran Presentation
Billing and Pool Queue Plots

Al Presentation

Paul Presentation
LDAP-Server and gPlazma

Ron Presentation
CMS Tier3

Fabio Presentation
Bits and Pieces

Christian Presentation
Introduction to Messaging

Paul Presentation
Optimizing Message Flow

Gerd Presentation
Queuing in dCache

Paul Presentation

WEDNESDAY May 29 2013

Title Speaker Type
SysAdmin Help - SRM Tuning, Understanding parameters

Dmitry Presentation
dCache Database Management

Gerd Presentation
Future of dCache

Patrick Presentation


Speaker Organization
Gerd Behrmann NORDUnet/NDGF
Tigran Mkrtchan
Oleg Tsigenov RWTH Aachen
Christian Bernardt
Karsten Schwank
Patrick Fuhrmann
Paul Millar
Dmitry Litvintsev FERMILab
Albert Rossi FERMILab
Ron Trompert SURFsara
Fabio Martinelli PSI

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