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The dCache Book

for 2.10-series (opt layout)


The dCache Book is the guide for administrators of dCache systems. The first part describes the installation of a simple single-host dCache instance. The second part describes the components of dCache and in what ways they can be configured. This is the place for finding information about the role and functionality of components in dCache as needed by an administrator. The third part contains solutions for several problems and tasks which might occur during operating of a dCache system. Finally, the last two parts contain a glossary and a parameter and command reference.

Table of Contents

I. Getting started
1. Introduction
2. Installing dCache
3. Getting in Touch with dCache
II. Configuration of dCache
4. Chimera
5. The Cell Package
6. The replica Service (Replica Manager)
7. The poolmanager Service
8. The dCache Tertiary Storage System Interface
9. File Hopping
10. Authorization in dCache
11. dCache as xRootd-Server
12. dCache as NFSv4.1 Server
13. dCache Storage Resource Manager
14. The statistics Service
15. The billing Service
16. The alarms Service
17. dCache Webadmin Interface
18. ACLs in dCache
19. GLUE Info Provider
20. Stage Protection
21. Using Space Reservations without SRM
III. Cookbook
22. dCache Clients.
23. Pool Operations
24. PostgreSQL and dCache
25. Complex Network Configuration
26. Advanced Tuning
IV. Reference
27. dCache Clients
28. dCache Cell Commands
29. dCache Default Port Values
30. Glossary
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Examples