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Talks presented at the first NDGF dCache workshop in Copenhagen, March 27/28 2007

NDGF, the Nordic Data Grid Facitity, is building a WLCG Tier I center distributed among Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. They have chosen dCache to be the front-end Storage Element to their Tier I systems. The workshop was organized to make sysadmins of the various member countries familiar with the dCache technology and to provide a forum for their questions, comments and suggestions. About 30 participants have been present during the 2 * 1/2 days.
The workshop was orginized by NDGF and dCache.org.

Speakers and contributors
  • Gerd Behrmann, NDGF
  • Patrick Fuhrmann
  • Michael Gronager, NDGF
  • Tigran Mkrtchyan
  • Timur Perelmutov
  • Owen Synge

Presentations :

Author/Presenter Title Papers Slides
Michael Gronager The NDGF Distributed Tier I - Slides
Patrick dCache project introduction - Slides
Gerd Behrmann NDGF Contribution to the dCache project - Slides
Gerd Behrmann Manual dCache installation based on the information in 'dCache, The Book' The Book -
Patrick Insight pCells - Slides
Patrick Pool Manager and file hopping - Slides
Tigran Filewall Issues for protocols supported by dCache - Slides
Tigran Troubleshooting and FAQ - Slides
Tigran Chimera, requirements, design and timeline - Slides
Timur/Tigran SRM Tuning and SRM 2.2 introduction - Slides
Owen/Patrick dCache and the WLCG information system - Slides

Patrick Fuhrmann, Mar 28, 2007
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