The software developed and maintained by the team is constantly evolving to meet ever more demanding storage requirements.

Learn more about our software releases, release schedules, support periods from our download pages.

Next week the 2019 Joint HSF/OSG/WLCG Workshop HOW2019 (18-22 March 2019) will take place in Jefferson Lab, Virginia in USA. Tigran and Patrick will represent dCache in this workshop.
Paul is going to join the Nordic Data Management Workshop & 2nd Rucio Community Workshop this week in Oslo, Norway. He will give two talks. The first talk he will give an overview of dCache, the scientific data challenges, the storage events and the dCache innovations etc. In his second talk he will talk about the H2020 funded project XDC: eXtreme Datacloud.
LOFAR data used to discover 300k+ galaxies!!! LOFAR Scientists have discovered more than 300,000 new galaxies. This data (more than 40 petabytes, the largest astronomy archive in the world) is stored in dCache instances at SURFsara, FZ Juelich, and PSNC Poznan. Please find more detailed information in the following pages of astron, forbes, cnn.
Tigran and Patrick will hold several talks concerning dCache storage events in the coming two weeks in HTW-Berlin. At that point dCache is a target for a contributing course for students.
dCache members are going to join the H2020 ESCAPE Kick-off meeting.
Tigran is joining the CS32019 in Geneva from 28-30 Januray 2019 in Rome, Italy. He will give a talk about dCache - active storage for science and cloud.
This week Patrick, Jürgen and Michael are joining the di4r2018 in Lissabon, Portugal. Jürgen will present the XDC developments on dCache storage notifications for the EuropeanXFEL. There will be also a Poster about dCache events driving data management at the European XFEL: Evaluating event-driven cloud computing and storage management. Volker, the Head of DESY IT is leading the plenary Session on Thursday morning.
Patrick is joining the SNIA Conference 2018 from 24th to the 29th of September in Santa Clara (California). He will talk about eXtreme DataCloud , especially about Providing Scalable Distributed Storage for the European Open Science Cloud.
We are happy to announce, that the dCache group is going to host the First XDC All Hands Meeting from 11th to the 13th of September @DESY in Hamburg. Paul will give a talk about XDC All Hands Meeting . Femis talk you can find
Patrick and Tigran will give several talks concerning dCache storage events, elastic computing and FaaS in HTW-Berlin in the next three weeks. Our invited colleague Michael will present his ideas about data ingesting and processing in the XFEL.
In the coming week Patrick is in the international advisory committee and Tigran in the program committee of the CHEP2018 (23rd international Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics) in Sofia, Bulgaria. Tigran will also be session chair of the track Data Handling. Paul will talk about storage events and macaroons. Marina is going to present the noWORM storage club. Tigran's talks about "dCache: storage for advanced scientific use-cases and beyond" you can find here .
Patrick and Michael are joining this week the course NEW CHALLENGES IN DATA SCIENCE: BIG DATA AND DEEP LEARNING ON DATA CLOUDS in Santander.
Tigran is presenting the highligts of the 12th international dCache workshop during the GDB (Grid Deployment Board) in CERN.
In the coming two days we will have our 12th international dCache workshop at DESY in Hamburg.
In the joint WLCG & HSF Workshop 2018 in Napoli Tigran will talk about Distributed Storage and Data Lakes .
Patrick will present HA dCache and dCache involvement in the XDC project in the International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC) 2018 in Taipeh.
Paul and Juergen will join the RDA Eleventh Plenary Meeting in Berlin. Pauls breakout session about "Storage Service Definitions you can find here. In the colocated meeting before RDA Paul will give a talk about "Data Management in the eXtreme Data Cloud (XDC) Project.
Tigran and Patrick will give a few talks in the coming next three weeks in HTW-Berlin. At that point dCache is a target for a contributing course with students.
dCache as part of a Sync & Share solution was presented in CS3 2018 - Workshop on Cloud Storage Synchronization and Sharing Services in this talk.
Tigran, Paul and Patrick represent the dCache team in the eXtreme-DataCloud kickoff meeting, which has started today in Bologna for the next three days.
We are happy to announce that the 12th international dCache workshop will take place at DESY in Hamburg from 28-29 May 2018. Please write to in case you have any questions concerning the workshop.
Today is the official start of the eXtreme-DataCloud project. The XDC aims to enable technologies, such as dCache in its development for federating storage resources. Patrick is the WP4-leader and Paul will act as WP4.1 task-leader.
Tigran takes over as head of the dCache team. Patrick is moving into a new role as head of EU projects at DESY-IT. Thanks Patrick for all your hard work over the years!
Patrick gave a plenary presenation describing at NEC'2017 meeting in Montenegro describing the Quality-of-Service for storage work in the INDIGO-DataCloud project.
New major release of dCache: 3.2. New features include support for delegated authentication, introducing systemd support for Debian, more OpenID-connect support, TLS encryption for wide-area federated deployments. See the release notes for further details, or download the packages.
As part of the RDA working group, the dCache team co-chairs a session on Quality-of-Service for storage at the RDA Plenary-10 meeting, in Montreal, Canada.
The dCache team is invited to present a report on the impact of Globus dropping support for the Globus Toolkit. This is part of a general impact assessment within WLCG.
The dCache team are invited to present distributed storage solutions at St. Petersburg State University, as part of the NRC "Kurchatov Institute" workshop for WLCG research projects for HL-LHC era experiments.
dCache presents federated storage architecture at the WLCG Workshop 2017 in Manchester, UK. Tigran describes the different elements within dCache that together solve distributed storage.
The slides from the dCache workshop are now live. All the presentations from the workshop are now available from our website.
The 11th International dCache workshop starts at Umeå, Sweden! This meeting is colocated with NEIC 2017 Conference. The workshop page has our agenda.
New major release of dCache: 3.1. New features include plenty of NFS door improvements, chimera tracks file upload status, OpenID-Connect delegation support for 3rd party transfers, regular expression matching of storage units in resilience manager. See the release notes for further details, or download the packages.
Members of the dCache team present their work at the International Symposium on Grids and Clouds 2017 (ISGC 2017). Paul presented work in dockerised containers for dCache, and on federated identities and anonymized delegation. Patrick presented quality of service in cloud storage infrastructures.
dCache attends the NFS Connectathon 2017 event, with Tigran verifying dCache NFS server is compatible with current and future NFS clients. He also presented dCache's work on Quality-of-Service / Data-Lifecycle and his work on developing new techniques for monitoring NFS traffic.
dCache presents at the workshop on Cloud Services for File Synchronisation and Sharing (CS3 2017). Paul describes how dCache may be used to provide a scalable sync-and-share service.
Paul presents dCache team's work within INDIGO-DataCloud project at the HGF "Physics at the Terascale" meeting.
New major release of dCache: 3.0. New features include:
  • Production-ready support for high availability setups and rolling updates.
  • Automatic detection of PostgreSQL master.
  • Support the HAProxy proxy protocol.
  • Self describing billing files.
  • Pool manager setup is stored in ZooKeeper.
  • Pool manager read-only state is stored in setup file and ZooKeeper.
  • New experimental support for Ceph
  • New performance cost calculation for improved stability of hot spot replication.
  • Batching of flush to tape can be disabled.
  • Mover queues can be created at runtime.
  • Abort upload when SRM TURL is invalidated.
  • Allow xrootd clients to select mover queues.
See the release notes for further details, or download the packages.
dCache team presents at CHEP 2016 meeting, in San Francisco. The team gave presentations describing managing cloud storage, federated identity and anonymized delegation, the latest INDIGO-DataCloud software release, storage quality-of-service, and CEPH integration within dCache.
Presentation on "reducing cost of storage" by Patrick at the WLCG Workshop colocated with CHEP 2016.
Paul presents new feature at the LSDMA All Hands meeting at GSI Darmstadt, Germany, including high-availability dCache, sync-and-share support, the new REST api, support for federation and the new resilience manager.