Mailing Lists

dCache.ORG offers a list for the convenience of dCache users. Everybody may subscribe or unsubscribe to the lists following the instructions below. The list suits the following purposes :

The user-forum list

This list is, as the name suggests, intended to let dCache users exchange information on dCache issues. Everybody may subscribe and may send messages to this list.
The list is not moderated and neither dCache.ORG nor DESY can take any responsibility for the content of the messages sent to this list, and consequently received by subscribed members. Nevertheless, the dCache team may intervene if interesting topic are discussed or in cases where the list is misused to distribute wrong or illegal information.
Please checkout the Forum Archive for already discusses topic (please follow: lists of lists --> userforum --> Archive).


To subscribe/unsubscribe to one of the mailing lists above, sent an e-mail by clicking below.
Subscription to user forum :
klick Subject: subscribe user-forum
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