PNFS is a filesystem that uses a database to store all information. It comes with daemons to allow NFS v2 and v3 clients to mount the filesystem and supports some unique features, such as wormholes and directory tags.

The most recent release (3.1.18) contains only minor changes from 3.1.17. This is to allow interoperability between 32-bit and 64-bit applications. In particular, when running pnfsDump against a 64-bit PNFS instance you must use PNFS v3.1.18.

3.1.18 has not received as much testing as earlier versions, so it is recommended that sites test 3.1.18 thoroughly before deploying in their production environment.

Please let us know if you intend to use the Fast PNFS release. There might be security issues to consider.

Platform Product Date md5 hash
Linux/Intel rpm 3.1.18-1 (PostgreSQL) SL-5x (x86_64) 29.01.2010 99f024b2a7f3aa4eda39ce99eb27a582
Linux/Intel rpm 3.1.18-1 (PostgreSQL) SL-4x (x86_64) 29.01.2010 5738dbd686cab6aeccd198599de5b779
Linux/Intel rpm 3.1.17-7 (PostgreSQL) x86_64 06.11.2009 a9352943f322a17a1e2c50f82cdb7f5d
Linux/Intel rpm 3.1.17-1 (PostgreSQL) i386 06.11.2009 a6b353a40cec6d5f7ee514b32d4b3c36
Linux/Intel Fast PNFS (Read this first) 03.09.2008 404dd60d86ef888556790de25ba50f1c
Linux/Intel rpm 3.1.10-7 (PostgreSQL) i386 08.11.2006 124dc6e1ef914cffa3f4f7df7f91b2b8

PNFS Utilities

PNFS dump

pnfsDump is a tool for scanning over the PNFS namespace and reporting on the files, directories and symbolic links that it finds. It reports what it finds in a number of different output formats, including one that may be used to build a database that Chimera can use to provide an equivalent filesystem.

Download Rev. Date md5 hash Changes
pnfs-dump-1.0.24-1.i386.rpm 25.10.2011 0127babf596c6e9ce6c2184bac2395e4 Add support for migrating files stored by enstore.
pnfs-dump-1.0.23-1.i386.rpm 2.09.2011 9bd3d79e74bd697b913634d004b43768 Fix syncat output to provide well-formed XML.
pnfs-dump-1.0.22-1.i386.rpm 8.04.2011 d719ea39234b0458c78eb5e62ec05e0c Add support for choosing which level contains tape metadata.
pnfs-dump-debuginfo-1.0.22-1.i386.rpm bf2845b6746b37f5a35d7efe2a5582c9
pnfs-dump-1.0.21-1.i386.rpm 23.03.2010 45a204687e2da0e4c5dc6d897276eb32 Fix bug in Chimera output where directory tags have wrong permissions. The problem is present with all prior versions of pnfsDump.
pnfs-dump-debuginfo-1.0.21-1.i386.rpm 43495ed21a65e66bf6ee520603e85c66
pnfs-dump-1.0.20-1.i386.rpm 15.12.2009 c2fa0a3ca882fe4464fb5ea5c9dbffc4 Fix bug in Chimera dir nlink count present from 1.0.16 to 1.0.19 inclusive.
pnfs-dump-debuginfo-1.0.20-1.i386.rpm 971dae6d789920eabc70acfbbb77c74b
pnfs-dump-1.0.19-1.i386.rpm 06.11.2009 3eef55b259265bae0ee609811e6bed0f Refactor to allow multiple outputs concurrently,
Add non-transactional "all-or-nothing" PostGreSQL output,
Force establishing of file's AL/RP if file is stored on tape.
pnfs-dump-debuginfo-1.0.19-1.i386.rpm 97f21d1e95b6b1ae9102310e0d237799
pnfs-dump-1.0.18-1.i386.rpm 03.11.2009 92d06b4bf9ad76c1805567ae5932e0d4 Add support for migrating subdirectories that inherit only a subset of their parent directory's tags
pnfs-dump-debuginfo-1.0.18-1.i386.rpm 51024afb8631fa26dd16108c2a3ede2d
pnfs-dump-1.0.17-1.i386.rpm 07.10.2009 77b0d4b0500005e21e58149df4e051f7 Fix bug in v1.0.16 where migrated files >2 GiB in size have filesize of 1 in Chimera
pnfs-dump-debuginfo-1.0.17-1.i386.rpm 36491f1255e53d75416fe757668500e3
pnfs-dump-1.0.16-1.i386.rpm 25.09.2009 45868236d2c689215185d569152450f9 Initial work to allow different types of SQL output
Improved PostGreSQL markup of binary data
Make Chimera schema v2 the default
Faster Set support, speeding up pnfsDump for larger PNFS instances
Fix verify (md5sum) output so it checks the modified (safe) filename
Switch on file IO in Chimera if a file has level-0 data
Allow dbscan DI to detect certain class of PNFS corruption more easily
Add support for SRM AccessLatency OFFLINE and RetentionPolicy OUTPUT
Fix various low-impact bug fixes
pnfs-dump-debuginfo-1.0.16-1.i386.rpm bc16d8945c7f67bf32c2f16767057b51
pnfs-dump-1.0.15-1.i386.rpm 27.05.2009 3de7155b7c98c73bf4e3c84f448f0040 Add support for migrating hard-linked files.
Better error recovery in dbscan for multiple directory entries with same name.
Allow migration of files with an apostrophe in their filename.
Fix some error messages that were mistakenly appearing in output.
Fix format of some error messages.
pnfs-dump-debuginfo-1.0.15-1.i386.rpm bf9ec4de46278e20bfbb37f0f0b63863

All releases...

Migration check tool

Please note that the storage-info migration check tool is now supplied as part of dCache

Download Rev. Date md5 hash Changes
migration-check-0.0.4.tar.gz 28.07.2009 a7b0e6f1e8b4f6ba22f616bf9afbb1f Include the -k option; remove patched version of GenericInfoExtractor; a recent version of dCache is now required
migration-check-0.0.3.tar.gz 13.03.2009 b0277b4990764f49472e1fef0fce3beb Switch PNFS info extractor from OsmInfoExtractor to GenericInfoExtractor
migration-check-0.0.2.tar.gz 18.02.2009 8aa69704fa35b304579997c7ba0ef24c Fix Log4J setting
migration-check-0.0.1.tar.gz 10.02.2009 5a5e4151bb1acf328c7688f6e033ad7d Initial release