dCache software packages

The dCache team develop and maintain various software packages, including the dCache storage server, the dcap client, the srm client. Information about these packages are available within their own pages.

The dCache team strongly back Free and Open-Source software. Details on software licenses and source code repositories are available from this page.

Feel free to contact us (support@dCache.org) if you need assistence.

Available Packages
Package Name Description
dCache storage server
Latest Feature Release
Latest Golden Release
Latest Feature Release
Feature Release
Golden Release
Old releases

Fault-tolerant, distributed, petabyte-scale storage with many advanced features, including support for flexible identity management, multiple protocols, and HSM/Tertiary storage.

See the project page for details on support periods and upgrade procedure.

SRM client Client software for interacting with any storage system that supports the SRM protocol standard. This includes a CLI and an interactive shell.
dcap client Client software for interacting with dCache using the dcap protocol. This Includes POSIX-like core library and support for Kerberos and X.509-based secure communication.
PNFS The PNFS filesystem server, NFS server and related tools. PNFS is a filesystem that stores all information in a database. Formally used by dCache as the namespace, but has now be replaced by Chimera.
pcells An administrative GUI that provides a more graphical representation of a dCache server.
EuroGate HSM/Tertiary storage software. Among other uses, EuroGate may be used to simulate a robotic tape silo.
CMS-TFC plugin dCache plugin that adds support WLCG (Worldwide LHC Computation Grid) CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) Trivial File Catalog.
Press Material Contains marketing material, logs, etc.

Contributed Tools

Some of our users have developed some tools and scripts that help them work more efficiently. If you would like to contribute some of your tools, we can make it available for other users. Just write us an email at support@dCache.org.

dCache does not take any responsibility for the contributed tools.