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The SRM client programs are available as a separate package. These packages provide support for interacting with dCache using the SRM interface. These tools may also be used with other storage systems that provide an SRM interface. The SRM client is released independently to the dCache server releases.

Download Rel. Date md5 hash Release notes
13.01.2012 cf32bd16d915d18f28ff620a6d027d02 notes
13.01.2012 778ac0bd8705b11bf7519cb6a7e2373d notes

Download Rel. Date md5 hash Release notes
03.12.2010 a742813ebadf83437aa0a621f73d313a notes
04.03.2010 995617b4ed92e0efff8d728455353027 notes
09.10.2009 2104ae16611b76a28f0a25ada1d5a5d3 notes
08.10.2009 cf1762d85372f68063ece57742385b05 notes
02.10.2009 88537e682dd2da8628124b36a31576df notes